Top Ten Seoul Hotels Budget in South Korea

In Seoul has many quality hotel for your choice. We will recommend top ten Seoul hotels budget for you.

Korean Cuisine

It is probably true that Korean cuisine is the least well known of the Far Eastern cooking styles, featuring heavily the use of garlic chillies and fermented bean pastes.

Korea is a small peninsular attached to the eastern coast of China and separated from Japan by the Sea of Japan. Many Koreans are of Mongol descent, while both China and Japan have ruled Korea (now divided into North and South) at one time or another. Japan's rule was from 1910 to 1945 and little Japanese influence has been allowed to remain. The Chinese influence is, however, a little more noticeable in culinary terms.As in many other Asian countries, the predominant flavourings are soy sauce, sesame oil and seeds (usually roasted), vinegar, sugar, ginger, red chillies, garlic and soya bean pastes known as jangs.

Korean legend has it that Korea was born from a union between the son of the creator, a bear and twenty cloves of garlic. The god gave the bear garlic so that it could become human. After hibernating for 100 days, the bear reappeared as a woman who had a son Tan'gun with the god and that son founded Korea. As a consequence, garlic is imbued with divine power and the Koreans eat it in every possible way imaginable at any time of the day or night. It is frequently pickled, sometimes raw and sometimes grilled and is nearly always to be found in stews and marinades.

Korean food is hot, hot, hot as a result of the extensive use of red chillies, usually dried in strips or ground into fiery chilli powder, which is a really bright red colour.

Soya bean pastes (jangs) vary from very mild to fiery hot, depending on the ingredients. Doen jang is a fairly plain bean paste similar to Japanese miso but with a stronger bean flavour, while gochu jang (red bean past) contains chilli powder and is extremely hot. These jangs are used to flavour many different dishes.

Both the chillies, whether dried or powdered, and the jangs are stored in tall ceramic jars and every courtyard or balcony will be home to several of these.

Pickle (kimchi) is another staple of Korean cuisine and is really the national dish. It can contain any variety of vegetables but the most common is shredded Chinese cabbage mixed with white radish or cucumber and flavoured with garlic, onions, ginger, chilli, water and vinegar. This mixture is packed in a jar and left to ferment until it is sour at which time it is served with every single meal, including breakfast.

Being surrounded by water on three sides, various fish as well as shellfish and squid are commonly eaten, although beef was introduced to the diet relatively recently. Pork and chicken are also used and occasionally buckwheat noodles substituted for rice.

A typical middle class meal in Korea would consist of sticky rice, served with a stew (usually very spicey), a stir-fried or grilled dish, a vegetable simply dressed with sesame oil, soy sauce and roasted sesame seeds, and of course, the ubiquitous kimchi. The meal is eaten with thin metal chopsticks, similar to knitting kneedles and long-handled metal spoons.

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Suwon Hotels - Perfect Base For A Memorable Vacation

Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi Province and the largest city of the province with a population of over one million. The city is situated at a distance of over 30 km from Seoul. Founded in the 18th century as a fortress city, Suwon has a rich and varied history and it is the only remaining completely walled city in South Korea. The walls of this city are categorized as a world heritage site and it showcases the royal past of South Korea. Suwon is traditionally known as "The City of Filial Piety". At present, this city has emerged as a major industrial city of South Korea housing a large number of factories. it has also been recognized as South Korea's leading city in digital technology. The city offers good transport facilities with two motorways including the national railway network and the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. All this make the city a perfect destination for commuters. Besides, the hotels in Suwon also serve as important features for drawing tourists.

Suwon is a major educational and sports center of the country. There are about 14 university campuses here offering wide scope for students. Besides, there is good scope for footballers as well. In fact, this city is also domestically known as the footballing city. Various places of interest in Suwon include Hwaseong Fortress, Manseok Park, Woncheon Amusement Park, Everland Amusement Park, the Korean Traditional Folk Village, and various temples and tombs. There are an amazing number of clubs, bars, restaurants, hostess bars that you can visit and have a good time.

Suwon has a climate similar to Seoul's as this city lies only 34 km away in a SSE direction from the Seoul. The wildlife in the city is quite similar to that of Gyeonggi-do province. A notable species, however, is the Suwon tree frog. This is one of only two tree frogs to inhabit the Korean peninsula and lives in the Gyeonggi-do area only. For food lovers, the city features a great variety of Korean dishes, which is served throughout the peninsula and has a wide variety of restaurants serving food from outside Korea as well.

There are many good hotels offering different facilities to suit the requirement and comfort of tourists. Some of the beach front hotels even offer lounge chairs to relax and lounge around. Castle Hotel, Hotel Korea, Central Hotel, Stay 7 Residence, Dormy Inn Suwon etc. are some of the good hotels for accommodation in Suwon.

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